Municipality of Vrapcist, Republic of North Macedonia

Pilot Areas

Vrapcisht Municipality is located in the northwest of the Republic of North Macedonia, on the slopes of the Shar Mountains, 580 meters above sea level and is a rural municipality bordering the north with Municipality of Bogovinje, east and southeast of the Municipalities of Gostivar and Municipality Brvenica, while from west to the municipality of Restelica (Republic of Kosovo).

The level of education is in the growth rate, which is a kind of indicator that will be the reason for developing the construction of industrial facilities. The agrarian structure is: the most common pasture with 5336 ha, agricultural land with 4,820 ha and 4,686 ha of forests.

The municipality consists of fifteen villages. Most of the villages are in boundaries with the forest but the access to the forest is limited. The forest consists of very attractive tourist sites and picnic areas where tourism can be developed.

Thanks to the natural resources of Sharr Mountain, Vrapcisht Municipality has a large network of springs and the rapidly-flowing river called Mazraça. The river flows from the forested area through v.Negotino and is often called a wild river, because in 1979 it flooded half of the village and many fertile soils.

The intervention on a badly constructed river will take place in Mazraca river in the v.Negotino Municipality of Vrapcisht and will contribute positively in the protection of floods, sustainable capitalization of biodiversity in the forested areas, preservation of different connections, and will enable access to the forested part of the village.

Moreover, the intervention will give opportunities for tourism development in the beautiful area due to the rich natural resources.

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