Conservation and Sustainable Capitalization of Biodiversity in Forested Areas

Redefining forest value


Aim of the project is to explore and document the bioprospects of forested protected areas, meaning discovering and commercializing products originating from natural resources and the ways of their sustainable capitalization as a mean for wise management and conservation.

Demonstrating the total economic value of forested areas can make a convincing case for the conservation of wild species and ecosystems. Eventually, BIOPROSPECT project aims to contribute effectively on the conservation, protection, promotion and development of forest biodiversity and preservation of natural heritage.


The project is expected to have a significant impact on the area, enhancing transnational and regional cooperation, through continued EU support as well as promoting further EU integration. Transnational cooperation among all beneficiary countries’ organizations and institutes, will contribute to improve regional and territorial practices.

Hence, BIOPROSPECT project will implement the foreseen activities, while ensuring the coherence, complementarily and transferability of experiences and practices with other regional and national programs that can feed transnational actions and benefit of their results.


The project consists of 5 Work Packages providing a well defined structure of what has to be achieved and how:

  • Project management and Coordination
  • Communication and Dissemination
  • Tool box for the economic valuation and sustainable capitalization of biodiversity-ecosystem services
  • Translating theory into practice
  • Mainstreaming biodiversity valuation into decision making and policy initiatives



Budget (in mil. euros)

Duration (months)


News - Press

New BIOPROSPECT signs in Northern Pindos National Park

Four BIOPROSPECT signs were installed in selected sites within the premises of Northern Pindos National Park. The signs were designed in wood in order to incorporate to the surrounding landscape and provide information about the Northern Pindos National Park, the...



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