The Project

Aim of the project is to explore and document the bioprospects of forested protected areas, meaning discovering and commercializing products originating from natural resources and the ways of their sustainable capitalization as a mean for wise management and conservation. To achieve the above mentioned goal, the project has the following specific objectives:

  1. Providing operational tools for the conservation of forest biodiversity through economic valuation and sustainable capitalization
  2. Demonstrating the operational application of forest economic valuation and capitalization benefits
  3. Integrating economic valuation in operational management of forested areas and policy initiatives of Balkan Mediterranean area

Assessing the value of forests biodiversity services provides powerful and much needed arguments to leverage additional protection for natural ecosystems which are important for sustainable development. Demonstrating the total economic value of forested areas can make a convincing case for the conservation of wild species and ecosystems. Eventually, BIOPROSPECT project aims to contribute effectively on the conservation, protection, promotion and development of forest biodiversity and preservation of natural heritage.

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