BIOPROSPECT Partner’s Description

Democritus University of Thrace – Department of Forestry and Management of the Environment and Natural Resources, Greece

Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH) is strategically located in the Northeast part of Greece. DUTH is a Public Entity with complete autonomy. The Department of Forestry and Management of the Environment and Natural Resources (DFMENR) of DUTH through its educational and research activities has contributed in the management of natural forests in Greece. Furthermore has a considerable experience of leading, managing and participating in EU funded and cross-border projects. Because of both the scientific and managing experience DUTH was selected as Lead Partner.

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – Department of Economics, Greece

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is the largest Education Institution in Southeastern Europe with more than 3,151 International and National Research projects. The School of Economic Sciences of the Faculty of Law, Economic and Political Sciences at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki was one of the first schools to be established at the University and has been in continuous operation since 1928, functioning as part of the Faculty of Law, Economic and Political Sciences. Since 1928 it has operated as an autonomous school. In terms of student numbers, it is one of the largest schools in our University. Graduates from our School have been employed in the public and private sectors, higher education and also politics. The Department of Economics has a considerable experience in environmental economics and financial assessments with more than 200 relevant publications.

Exhibition Research Institute, Greece

The Exhibition Research Institute (IEE) is a non- profit organization founded in 2006 by the International Fair of Thessaloniki (TIF-HELEXPO), The University Research Institute (URI) of the University of Macedonia and three major Chambers related to Commerce and Industries of Thessaloniki and Greece. The Institute’s main target is the scientific market analysis and the conduct of Studies and Surveys specializing in the exhibition and congress market and other relevant activities, as well as the extraction of useful conclusions to the benefit of the state, the private sector and the economy. During the last ten years, I.E.E. has been actively involved in European and Cross- Border Programs aiming at the development of a new type of events which shall disseminate into the society the outcome of various research projects and international business activities.

Institute of Applied Biosciences – Centre for Research and Technology Hellas, Greece

INAB-CERTH is active in Agrobiotechnology and contributes decisively to the genetic mapping, exploitation and promotion of Greek biodiversity. It is the only specialized Research Institute in Greece for plant genetics and genomics, transcriptional and post-genetic analysis. INAB’s mission is in basic and applied research, aiming at promoting innovation in the field of modern agri-biotechnology. INAB has extensive experience in many national, European and international R & D projects, as well as providing services and technology transfer of research results. In close co-operation with producers, businesses and academics (i) identifies in a modern way, by using genomics technologies, species and varieties of the flora and fauna of our country and food products of these species and varieties; (ii) guides the development of improved varieties and develops novel foods with particular nutritional characteristics; and (iii) exploits various micro-organisms and plants as «factories» producing high value materials in an environmentally friendly manner.

Municipality of Vrapcisht, Republic of North Macedonia

The Municipality of Vrapchisht is located between the city of Tetovo and Gostivar, in the valley of Sharr Mountain, in the north-western part of the country, which includes a large part of the Polog valley. It is bordered by the municipalities of Bogovinje, Brvenica, Gostivar and in the west with the Republic of Kosovo.

As a rural environment, there are approximately 192 km², with a population of 28,210 people and a multiethnic environment in which live: Albanians, Turks, Macedonians and members of other nationalities.

As rural municipalities have been operating since 1996, and in the third mandate of the local government with the union of the municipality of Vrapciste and the municipality of Negotino of Polog, the municipality of Vrapciste was formed as a joint and only municipality in the entire territory of the former municipality of Negotino to Polog.

Cyprus University of Technology, Cyprus

Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) is the 2nd largest Public University in Cyprus. It has more than 2600 students and 350 academic and research staff, who perform activities in 6 Faculties with 14 Departments and 1 Language Center. The Group of Plant Stress Physiology (PSP), the involved laboratory at CUT, has extensive research experience in plant stress physiology, with emphasis on the study of cellular signalling cascades under stressful environmental conditions and the evaluation of the effect of chemical priming agents on the defense mechanisms of crop and model plants under abiotic stress conditions. Specific tasks that area carried out in PSP include comprehensive plant stress-related measurements (physiological parameters, cellular damage indicators, biochemical parameters such as involvement of enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidants, molecular analyses such as gene expression studies of defense-related transcripts) while focusing on the involvement of reactive oxygen-nitrogen-sulfur species signalling. A more detailed description of PSP Group activities can be found online in


AgroBioInstitute (ABI) is one of Bulgaria’s leading research institutes in the field of plant sciences. ABI has received accreditations as Centre of Excellence in Plant Biotechnology by EC (1999) and by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science. ABI’s areas of research are: biodiversity and genetic resources, molecular and functional genetics, plant bioactive compounds, ecophysiology and abiotic stress and marker assisted selection.

Maliq Municipality, Albania

The Municipality of Maliq lies in one of the most fertile agricultural areas of Albania, which used to be a marshland full of canes and demanded a great effort to get established in the 1950s. The Maliq town has been known as an important center of the food industry in the country with some important products such as sugar, starch as well as the wood processing industry.

The municipality consists of 7 administrative units, which are: Maliq, Libonik, Gorë, Moglicë, Vreshtas, Pirg and Pojan. All administrative units are currently part of the district of Korça and Korça district. The new municipality has under its administration one city and 80 villages. Not far from the town of Maliq lies a beautiful and protected forest, full of pheasants.

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